It’s funny how time is flying: Monday comes, then suddenly I wake up and it’s Friday. Yet, while this is happening the months seem to be moving unbearably slow.

scotch and apartment shopping on ipadI know it has been a while since I have written, but sometimes one just needs a break. Not to say I have had much of one. I moved again, for the fifth time since August 2015. I didn’t even find my new place: a new friend did for me while I had my first scotch with him on his birthday. Needless to say, apartment hunting has gone from ‘this is exciting’ to ‘oh my god, I’d rather lick my foot.’  The task makes me so ill to my stomach, kind of like that feeling you get when you look at your bank statement.

In “When It Rains, It Pours” I mentioned that my confirmed June 7th date was unexpectedly changed under the pretense of being slotted in for a cancellation date that I declined.  It was literally one week after my mother and sister purchased their flights and booked a hotel near the hospital, that I received that phone call.

The next day, April 21st, I called the receptionist to confirm my date, and she said she never had a chance to speak with the Surgeon. She promised she would call me that afternoon. Well, I never received the call. In fact, it was on Monday that I called her office and the voicemail stated “I will be away from the office until May 9th, the office will not accept any voicemails until that date.” You could imagine my surprise.

the Hulk

I Hulked out: dramatic, yet true. I felt so disrespected. I spent about an hour of my day calling around the hospital to see if someone could tell me if she booked my date. I mean, one of the suggested dates was May 10th, the day after she returns from vacation. I never felt so dicked around about something so important.

Apparently, there is no one that can access her system, and there is no one that fills in when any receptionist goes on vacation. Imagine. I have discussed this with a few of my friends and family, and they all find this experience rather unusual.


May 9th arrives and I call relentlessly. I finally get a hold of tTrain trackhe receptionist and she barely remembers me: obvious vacation brain.  I understand that you have a lot of patients and you are most likely overworked, however, that should not be an excuse for disregarding someone who openly admitted they are stressed out and completely derailed from this news. Why didn’t she call me back and say “hey, we will schedule you when I return from vacation”? Or why she wouldn’t wait until she returned from her vacation to mention that my date is no longer available?  Either of these options would have been most considerate. This is a moot point now.

Yesterday, I finally get through to the receptionist and she finally reveals my date: June 27th.  Well, Jumpin’ Jesus I had a sigh of relief. Not that her confirmation holds any weight, I confirmed that this date is not going to change for any reason anyway. She stated that the Surgeon specifically offered this date. I am the first person of the day, and it’s not a Monday. Phew.

I feel like I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for this day to happen. It makes me wonder if I should have taken May 19th. Then I realize that May 19th is today. With all that has happened in the last month, with the date change and the unexpected move, I am so glad I did not choose today.

I think my plans for tonight are better than that: me, myself and I at the Movies.  Best part: snacks are all mine.


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