On the Easter Long Weekend, I rented a car (a mini-coop sport no less), and had an amazing adventure to The Bruce Peninsula with a new friend.

img_1602Following this, I then spontaneously headed North to Ottawa to meet up with my longest and best friend I have not seen in 2.5 years.

Whenever you need a pick me up, I strongly suggest you seek out your longest and best friend. They know you from your first tears to greatest happiness. Best friends have the deepest understanding of everything that makes you. And from that, there is always comfort and hope that is given to you like a pearl from a oyster.

Needless to say we had a lot of things to catch up on. We talked non-stop. Obviously, the largest conversation was about my health. We were at a quaint little bar in the By Ward Market, drinking craft beer. Of course, the most profound conversation came about then.

Alex, my best friend since 7 years old, loves his metaphors and analogies. He is such an ass (and tries not to gloat, but does) that he has always had everything just fall in to place for him: he is the kind of person who doesn’t have to study and will be an A+ student, he meets the most interesting people in his life, he is kind of an ass (and knows it) but everyone loves him, he somehow landed a secure Federal Government job and constantly receives promotions, he is cynical and seemingly emotionless, he is analytical and very practical, and he is so comfortable in his own skin. I have never been more proud of a human being. He commented how the dynamics of our lives are so different, that literally at every turn I have a new struggle always thrown in front of me.

He then said this:

We are given a deck of cards in our lives. Mine have been all aces, in fact I don’t know the last time I got anything else. Everything is just working out so easily for me. But you, you have been through so much shit. Every second card is literally “fuck you,” but one day it will just be aces.

From this, I take that despite all the hardships we are handed in our lives, we must hold on and hope for those Aces. For when they happen, all the struggles and hardship will be worth it. I mean, I am guessing that is what my perspective will be as I’ve not yet been dealt an ace. But that means there are 4 left, they are still in my deck of cards; one just has to be patient for when they are dealt.

4 Aces
Someday I’ll have my aces. Someday you’ll have yours too.

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